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Human protein-protein interaction network

Dataset information

This is protein-protein interaction network that contains physical interactions between proteins that are experimentally documented in humans, such as metabolic enzyme-coupled interactions and signaling interactions. Nodes represent human proteins and edges represent physical interaction between proteins in a human cell.

Dataset statistics
Nodes 21557
Edges 342353
Nodes in largest SCC 21521
Fraction of nodes in largest SCC 1.000000
Edges in largest SCC 342316
Fraction of edges in largest SCC 0.999892
Average clustering coefficient 0.206949
Number of triangles 55614585
Fraction of closed triangles 0.045652
Diameter (longest shortest path) 8
90-percentile effective diameter 3.749222

The information is restricted to protein-protein interactions that are experimentally verified in wet biological laboratories.



File Size Description
PP-Pathways_ppi.csv.gz 3.7MB Human protein-protein interaction network (edgelist)